2008-08-12 16:50:38 by morlockcleric

Seriously why fucking buy some thing that is bound to fucking break. Its like an 80% chance ur 360 is gana have to be fixed. With ps3 its like what 20%? My 360 stoped reading discs today. Im lucky to still have it under its factory war, but any ways. Anyone else think its bananas.


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2008-08-12 17:07:34

I not have XB0X 360.

morlockcleric responds:

good 4 you man save your self the trouble adn get ps3.


2008-08-12 18:14:09

Brilliant console if it fucking works. The first time I bought my 360 it had the red light on its first switch on ever. WTF is that all about. Selling me a broken console. I got it replaced immediately and after countless hours of COD it still works so it is a really good console if it works. IF, IT WORKS!

morlockcleric responds:

I know right. I mean they are fucking amaze when "working" and paying for fucking COD4 MAPS IS BULL AND XBOX LIVE IS BULL AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!