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2009-07-05 05:08:49 by morlockcleric

Yes, so whats the deal with North Korea? Whats in the one piece jump suit wearing midget's butt? Launching and making missiles? Developing nukes? What the hell NK! The world man whats it coming to? The new world order? F.E.M.A. Camps? Cremation coffins? What are these for? Camps for who stand against the new world order? Cremation coffins for when they gas us and burn us like Hitler had done with Jews during ww2? Or Preparing for chemical or bio attacks? These things are starting to come down just around 2012? I don't believe its going to be the end of the world. But I do believe its going to get rely rely weird. The best bet is hiding in the mountains and hills if this does go down. I have no idea maybe I am just being paranoid.


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2009-07-07 13:00:34

It would probably be a better idea to find a location that is designated as a safe haven during a nuclear war. If you hide IN a mountain what if you get caved in? If you hide in the hills you might be subject to radiation. Of course this is all assuming that nuclear war is imminent.

Please enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time.


2009-07-10 19:55:13

MIDGET BUTT!!!!!!!!!! lol
I've never met a midget before....... Well technally my aunt is a midget. She is 4 9' and anything below 5 is midget. OMG I keep going on and on about midgets. I already typed midget 5 times, well 6 now. lol

morlockcleric responds:

Um i believe its 4'10 thats as tall as u can be as a midget. lol but thanks you made my laugh alot. I needed that