That sound at the door

2010-05-03 06:23:41 by morlockcleric

OH the door the door that leads to the room next door. A sound a sound i hear coming from close to the ground. What oh what could be this sound that I hear coming from the ground? I look oh I look at the bottom of the door and shook. I see a black nose posted under door. This nose this nose what could be attached to it and my curiousness grows about this mysterious nose. As I step up to go the door walking across the floor. more and more close. I place my hand on the knob slowling turning it my face tingles. Atlast I see my dog and set him free into the room i'm in.



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2010-08-12 16:37:35

lol you're such a faggot man

morlockcleric responds:

I try. :D